Friday, July 13, 2012

Safe Ways to Pre-Screen Tenant Applicants

The Safest Way to Pre-Screen Prospective Tenants

How do you make first contact with new tenant prospects? Do you field telephone calls from prospective tenants at your home number? Do you talk to caller after caller only to realize most of them are not what you are looking for? Should these unknown strangers to have your telephone number and waste countless hours of your valuable time? As we become more experienced landlords, we're learning better ways to avoid bad situations and protect ourselves from dangerous people, time wasters and unqualified prospects.

1. FREE LPA Prospect Pre-Screening Card
With HTML Code for your Internet Ad

I recently began using a basic little chart on my internet rental ads that has made quite a difference in setting up appointments. I used to advertise in local newspapers, and spend thousands on rental ads, but websites like Craigslist and The LPA Rentals Available section have been a helpful way to save advertising dollars!

Just imagine receiving e-mails from prospective tenants with the pre-screening information you want before even talking to them. (With Craigslist, the customer doesn't even have to see your real e-mail address or phone number!) Call prospective tenants to set up appointments only if they meet your pre-screening qualifications! It has never been easier. It saves time, advertising money and helps you zero in on the tenant you're looking for...

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