Friday, March 21, 2014

Rent is Late? Discourage Late Payments by Charging Late Fees

Discourage Late Payments
The LPA LEASE CLAUSE # 3, Late Fees

One of the most important elements of modern residential leases today is the Late Fee clause. In order to encourage timely rent and discourage late payments, I highly recommend you have a solid late charge clause. Having the clause in your lease is only part of protecting yourself against late rent.

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4 Rental Forms you MUST HAVE

The 4 Most Important Rental Forms

  • As landlords and property managers, we all have an opinion of what our favorite rental forms are.
    Many believe a quality Lease Rental Agreement is the most important because it is the legal binding contract that lays down the law of the agreement for which the landlord and tenant will adhere.

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  • Introducing the Rent Paid On-Time Addendum

    Special Rent Addendum for Emphasis

    Rent Paid On Time The Rent Paid On-Time Addendum is an effective tool for landlords who feel the need to emphasize the importance of rent being paid on schedule. Although the LPA Lease already contains the key ingredients of this addendum, many landlords feel that having the new tenant sign a special addendum to the contract in addition to the lease will help drive home the point.

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