Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Pictures from the Oreia's National Real Estate Strategies Summit

Jeanne and I were at the Ohio OREIA National Real Estate Strategies Summit last week helping landlords and introducing them to The LPA! We've met a lot of great folks and were happy to see people taking control of their financial futures!
One of the questions I kept hearing was, "How did the Landlord Protection Agency get started?"

During an eviction in the early 1990's, a judge accusingly asked me "Where'd you get this lease?"
I was worried because he was yelling at everyone that day.
So, I meekly said, "I made that lease."
He said, "This is the best lease I've seen. You oughta market this thing to landlords."
I left the courtroom that day about 20 years ago, with a bounce in my step! Jeanne then bugged me for a few years to make a website to share our forms with other landlords, but I must confess, I didn't yet know what a website was!

We've grown a lot since then, now offering landlords a complete toolbox of awesome Landlord Forms, low priced instant online credit checks, Credit Bureau Reporting and much more.
I feel it's my revenge against all those bad tenants that helped educate me!

One of the most important things I learned over the years is: "95% of tenant problems can be eliminated in the screening process!" - John@theLPA


My Pics from the Ohio Real Estate Investors Association (OREIA)Summit

This was the first time as a vendor at ORIEA. Jeanne and I met a lot of nice people, including some of our LPA members, along with some of the top Real Estate speakers in the country, including Real Estate Attorney Bill Bronchick, Jeffrey "Mr Landlord" Taylor, Vena Jones Cox !And, Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington gave an excellent presentation.

It was such a treat, we would definitely be happy to see everyone again!

With Real Estate Goddess, Vena Jones-Cox

I enjoyed the chance to meet Real Estate Attorney & speaker Bill Bronchick and enjoyed his fantastic presentation, "The Ultimate Guide to Seller Financing".

It was such a pleasure to finally meet and chat with Jeffrey Taylor, (Mr Landlord)!

With my lovely bride of 31 years. Besides being a great cook, Jeanne is an excellent and knowledgeable salesperson for the LPA!

Jeanne and Don Lieby, a former president of multiple real estate associations and investment groups. One of the sweetest and most interesting people we've met!

Me with Anthony Chara. Anthony presented "How to get Massive Passive Income in Apartments

I enjoyed spending time with Brad Grayson, an experienced landlord, property manager and seminar speaker (& great guy).

With Chris Knoppe, Director of Autumnwood Funding (Also a Shark Tank panelist)

OREIA's Shark Tank panel.

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